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Emergency Preparedness Information

Most emergencies are handled by emergency services on a routine basis. As these emergencies escalate local first responders can utilize a system of mutual aid to obtain additional assets to the emergency scene. Through the use of the incident command system the assets on these emergency scenes can be effectively managed. When the number of required assets or the geographic area exceeds the on scene incident commander’s ability to control the situation the emergency operations plan must be implemented.

Emergency Resources

Integration of Response, Recovery, and Mitigation Actions

Mitigation is the process of taking measures designed to reduce or minimize the effects of natural or human caused hazards.

The Increased Readiness Phase (Preparedness) is that period of time from receipt of the initial notification of a potential emergency to the onset of the emergency. The length of time in an Increased Readiness Phase may vary from a few minutes to several weeks. All departments, agencies and offices of Town government and supporting agencies will be alerted to the possibility of the impending disaster.

The Emergency Phase (Response) is that period of time during which the emergency is occurring. Action will be taken immediately to evaluate the emergency, warn the population of the Town, and make use of all available personnel, equipment and resources to minimize the effects of the disaster on the community. Some of the Emergency Phase actions may have been performed during the Increased Readiness Phase.

Recovery Phase is that period immediately following the emergency when actions will be taken to restore the community, to the greatest extent possible, to normal conditions. The phase begins when the disaster has subsided to such a degree that recovery operations can begin. Some recovery actions may commence during the Emergency Phase. In a radiological emergency it may be necessary to precede all recovery operations with decontamination procedures, with the exception of urgent rescue operations.