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Residents should monitor this page during major events for updates on response.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at the Wallingford Police Department, 135 North Main Street. The alternate EOC is the Wallingford Fire Department, located at 75 Masonic Avenue. The Mayor shall activate the EOC upon recommendations from the members of the Command Team. Activation will be based on the following model.

Phase Event Scope Examples
Level I Localized events utilizing normal response Normal 911 center staffing Small hazardous materials incidents, flood watch
Level II Significant events in a section of town or throughout the town that stress resources for a short period of time. Normal 911 center staffing. Individual departments may establish “Area Command” to handle workload. Tornado warning, severe summer storms, building fires, multiple emergencies in a short duration, multiple wires down incidents.
Level III Catastrophic damage has a occurred or is possible. Local resources may not be sufficient to handle. Heavy coordination between departments is required. Full EOC activation with defined operational periods. Severe winter storms with major impact potential, hurricane, major power disruptions, large scale evacuation required, terrorist attack

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