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Energy Saving Tips

The Electric Division of the Wallingford Department of Public Utilities offers these programs and suggestions to help you reduce your electric costs.

The Electric Division Provides:

  • Reduced prices to help you switch from light emitting diode lamps (LEDs). Pricing at various Wallingford retail locations is subsidized through a program offered by the Wallingford Electric Division.
  • Home Energy Savings (HES) Program provides access to high quality energy use evaluations along with meaningful energy saving measures.

Your Efforts Also Help! Follow These Tips:

  • Replace incandescent and compact fluorescent light lamps with LED lamps.
  • Lower thermostats in winter to 68 degrees. Set thermostats at 78 degrees in summer and leave fan on “auto.”
  • Adjust thermostats at night and when away from home.
  • Repair air leaks in walls, windows, ductwork, and insulation.
  • Use Energy Star® appliances that are more efficient and use less energy.
  • Run dishwashers only when full (and don’t pre-wash dishes); use “air-dry” feature.
  • Run clothes washers at correct water level for the amount of clothes. Use cold or warm water instead of hot water.
  • Lower water heater temperature.
  • Keep your freezer full.
  • Turn off or dispose of unused extra refrigerators.
  • Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning equipment.