Logo for: Town of Wallingford

Program Planning


45 South Main Street
Room #311

Office Hours

Mon thru Fri, 9 am - 5 pm


Tel: (203) 294-2060
Fax: (203) 294-2073

Grants Adminstration: Susan Schott
Economic Development Specialist: Don Crouch
Program Planning & Economic Development Secretary: Stacey Hoppes

Department Responsibilities

  1. Grants writing and administration.
  2. Coordinate legislative briefing and other legislative matters
  3. Staff to the Economic Development Commission.
    • Work with state, regional and Town agencies and brokers to promote the economic well being of the community.
    • Assist firms interested in relocating into or expanding within Wallingford.
    • Provide demographic and economic information upon request. 
    • Handle various marketing initiatives.
    • Provide business assistance services.
    • For online information on available buildings and land, use the Site Finder on the CT Economic Resource Center site.
  4. Coordinate between municipality and Country Disposal Services for solid waste.
  5. Coordinate with Household HazWaste Central, the place to dispose of residential hazardous waste.
  6. Staff for Adopt-A-Road Program.
  7. Coordinate with Public Works for recycling.