Logo for: Town of Wallingford

The Department of Law


45 South Main Street
Room #308

Office Hours

Mon thru Fri, 9 am - 5 pm


Tel: (203) 294-2140
Fax: (203) 294-2112

Town Attorney: Gerald E. Farrell, Sr.
Assistant Town Attorney: Geoffrey T. Einhorn
Corporation Counsel: Janis M. Small

Department Responsibilities

1. The Department of Law:

  • Is the legal advisor to and represents the Town and all of its agencies, officers, board and commissions acting in an official capacity in all legal matters.  This office does not provide private legal advice to residents or the public at large.
  • Appear for and protects the rights of the Town in all actions, suits or proceedings brought by or against it or any of its departments, officers, agencies, boards or commissions.
  • Furnish, upon request, the Town’s officers, departments, agencies, boards or commissions with written opinions on any questions of law involving their respective powers and duties.
  • Prepare or approve forms of contracts or other instruments to which the Town is a party, or has an interest.
  • Has the power, with approval of the Town Council, to compromise or settle any claims by or against the Town.

2. The Town Attorney:

  • Is the administrative head of the Law Department and is appointed by the Mayor.
  • Mayor designee attends all meetings of the Town Council and meetings of other boards and commissions as may be necessary.