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Registrar of Voters


45 South Main Street
Room #211

Office Hours

Mon thru Fri, 9 am - 5 pm


Tel: (203) 294-2125
Email: regvoters@wallingfordct.gov

Robert Avery
Joan Parisi

Department Responsibilities

The Office of the Registrar of Voters provides services to the residents of the Town of Wallingford. Some of these services are:

1. Voter Registration; Enrollment Registration

  • Any voter who has a CT DMV I.D. may register on-line or change their address, name or party affiliation 24/7 by going to the Secretary of the State's website. This site only closes for the seven (7) days preceding election day. Go to "Register to Vote" for access. Those who are seventeen (17) and will be eighteen (18) by election day, may register to vote. Those without DMV I.D. may download forms for mailing (see below). Absentee ballot applications are also available at this site.
  • Occasional weekend and evening special registration sessions. Call for scheduled events.
  • Process and acknowledge mail-in, online and in-person registrations.
  • Accept registrations for any CT location and provide forms for registering in other states..
  • Registrars available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., excepting holidays.
  • Conduct special registration sessions in high schools and at some public events.
  • Conduct supervised absentee ballots at Wallingford nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • Voters who are registered and need an Absentee Ballot should contact the Town Clerk's Office at 203-294-2145 for an application. The Registrar's Office DOES NOT handle any absentee ballots.

2. Voter Information:

  • Service to residents regarding questions pertaining to elections, primaries and other state laws.
  • Service to residents as to registration status, party affiliation and polling place. 
  • Service to candidates by providing voter lists and information regarding their constituents.
  • Voter Registration Lookup - Verify voter registration / Find your polling place
  • Information on Election Day Registration

3. Voter Lists:

  • Annual mailing regarding change of address notification from Post Office.
  • Available to all candidates.
  • Daily updating voter lists.
  • Maintenance of alphabetical card files of all voters.
  • Maintenance of voting lists for each district.
  • Up-to-date computerized information.
  • Weekly change of address or removal from rolls per list provided by DMV.

4. Voting Machines:

  • Maintenance and storage of voting machines.
  • Responsibility to provide sufficient privacy booths and pre-tested machine for each poll.
  • Responsibility to acquire competent machine mechanics to inspect and prepare tabulators for voting.

5. Elections and Primaries:

  • Hiring and instruction of all official poll workers.
  • Installation of telephones at each polling area.
  • Notify all affected voters of any change in their polling place.
  • Prepare spare machines for each voting event.
  • Selection of polling areas.
  • Testing and sealing of all tabulators.