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Engineering Department


45 South Main Street
Room #203


Mon thru Fri, 8 am - 4:30 pm


Town Engineer: Alison Kapushinski, P.E.
Asst. Town Engineer: Tiffany Shipman

Tel: (203) 294-2035
Fax: (203) 284-4012 

Engineering services specifically related to individual private properties or disputes between adjoiners most often require the services of a consulting engineer and/or land surveyor. The Town does not provide engineering or survey services for private properties which are unrelated to town infrastructure. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will advise you if we can help.

Department Responsibilities

1. Assist the Public With:

  • Complaints about public sidewalks
  • Marking the street lines at their properties
  • Making tax assessor and topographic maps
  • Drainage concerns within the public way and/or Town-owned property
  • Evaluating sight-line problems
  • Coordinating private storm drainage connections into Town’s system
  • Attendance at neighborhood meetings on Town projects
  • Investigating illicit stormwater discharges
  • Service Request/Reporting Form

2. Assist Developers & Contractors With:

3. Assist Other Town Departments With:

  • Review of applications for Planning & Zoning, Inland-Wetlands & Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Maintenance of listing for public and private roads
  • Legal descriptions for municipal properties
  • Preparation of contract documents for Municipal Improvement projects
  • Survey/layout and control for municipal construction projects
  • Serve the Legal Traffic Authority as technical staff
  • Provide survey, mapping and engineering services to all Town departments

4. Assist Town Commissions/Committees:

  • Provide technical assistance to the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail Advisory Committee and the Conservation Commission.

5. Assist Public Works With:

  • Survey layout
  • Roadway, bridge and drainage design
  • Maintenance and protection of traffic design.
  • Stormwater and You

6. Reports & Projects: