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Youth Mini-Grant Program

Sponsored by the Town of Wallingford


To provide grants of up to $150.00 to local youth groups and organizations who wish support to implement recycling programs/activities in schools, churches, clubs and neighborhoods.

Project Criteria:

To be considered for funding, proposed projects must include youth in the planning process.

Examples of Appropriate Projects

Recycling programs; source reduction and re-use programs; composting programs; education and awareness programs in support of recycling programs; and/or creative use of the arts and other media to foster participation in reuse and reduction programs.

Examples of Recycling Projects:

  • School-Based Food Scrap/Composting Programs
  • Recycling of Beverage Containers at Events (shows, sporting events, etc.)

Examples of Reuse:

Eligible Organizations:

School-sponsored clubs and Wallingford-based not-for-profit organizations serving youth (e.g., Girl/Boy Scouts, church youth groups, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, etc.).

Application Process:

Print the application and instructions or call the Program Planning Office at 203-294-2060 for assistance. Awardees will be asked to report back to the Town on the project.