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Energy Conservation - Residential

Rebate Programs

The following rebate applications are valid for residential energy efficiency measures completed January 1, 20122 through December 31, 2022:

Contact WED's Energy Efficiency & Conservation Specialist, Donald Mauritz, at 203-294-2280 for more information regarding qualifying projects, cost, payback period, how to apply, etc. and for questions on any of the Electric Dvision's energy conservation programs.

Home Energy Savings Program

The Wallingford Electric Division (WED) offers its Home Energy Savings (HES) program to all WED residential customers who have not participated in the past in the HES program.  The WED's designated HES vendor, CMC Energy Services, will provide a high-quality home energy use evaluation.

CMC Energy Services will provide the following services and products, valued at approximately $1,000 during an HES* audit:

  • Install up to 25 LED light bulbs
  • Blower door testing and air sealing to eliminate leaks
  • Duct sealing to reduce duct loss
  • Domestic hot water measures such as showerheads and aerators
  • Evaluation of attic insulation levels

The HES program is available at no cost regardless of the fuel type used to heat your home.

CMC has an office in Wallingford and can be reached at 203-294-9677.  Residential customers who wish to take part in the HES program should call CMC directly.  Please DO NOT CALL THE ELECTRIC DIVISION OFFICES TO SCHEDULE AN HES EVALUATION.  ALL HES SCHEDULING IS DONE THROUGH CMC.

The WED encourages all of its residential customers to contact CMC to arrange for a residential energy use evaluation.  Funding is limited, and the evaluations will be performed on a first-come, first-served basis, so customers are urged to quickly contact CMC to arrange for this home energy evaluation.